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Website Design

What do you notice about your competitor's website? 
What would you change?

Maybe they all look alike.  Maybe it's appealing to the owner of the business, but not to the prospects they plan to reach.  We don't believe in cookie cutter websites, but we don't believe in being so off the way that it alienates your audience, either.

There is a delicate blend between creativity, individuality, and the purpose of a good website:  to inform the world of who you are, what you do, and how you can help.

This testimonial from a recent client provides insight to my process:
"When tasked with designing the websites for my several businesses, with their vastly different clienteles and significantly varying needs, Kenneta first asked insightful and fundamentally important questions to understand each business and its services and to determine how best to answer my clients’ needs."

"Building upon this information, Kenneta designed each website to appeal to my clients’ needs and wants, making them comfortable with our method of serving our customers. She made the sites personally inviting through her creative and imaginative incorporation of a balance of images, texts and appropriate pictures which describe our services offered, the benefits of our unique approach to assisting clients, in a manner that appeals to the hearts and minds of our customers."

"Kenneta was very respectful of and open to my ideas for the sites. However, she was confident enough in her skills to suggest basic changes to my vision for the sites and this led to her professional development of superior sites. She delivered the finished products in a timely manner, for the agreed upon price, and she has been available to update the sites as needed."

"It has been a pleasure working with Kenneta and I heartily recommend her website design services."