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About Kenneta

Kenneta has a long history of recognition for her creative talents, starting at age 5 when she placed third in a city wide art contest sponsored by the local PTA. Year after year, she entered the annual contest, and placed each and every time.

Never one to back away from an adventure, Kenneta spent 8 years (1986 to 1994) traveling the United States after graduation, living in 34 different cities during that time. Working as a temp, she could go from city to city and know she would have a job. Her immense curiosity and need to understand enabled her to grasp the workings of the huge variety of businesses she was exposed to during this time.

Taking pride in her ability to see things differently yet being able to produce amazing results has driven Kenneta since 1995 to work with a variety of small businesses to improve their marketing efforts. Knowing their unique struggles and challenges, and having a passion for those who have the courage to make it on their own, she recognizes that effective marketing does not need to be financially intimidating.

For example, she worked with a consignment shop that was having a hard time getting new customers through the door. This shop had been advertising for months in the newspaper, with disappointing results and thousands of dollars lost. A simple mailing list with monthly postcards giving a discount to shoppers bringing a first-time customer with them started to produce results. In addition, Kenneta developed a quarterly fashion show featuring the clothing of the consignment shop with local up-and-coming fashion designers and visual merchandisers from a local college. The costs of both of these programs were considerably less than the advertising costs and produced considerably higher results.

Kenneta’s personal interests include encouraging and motivating those who have encountered overwhelming personal and professional challenges.

Having spoken at women’s conventions, seminars, and churches, she seeks to spread her message of never giving up and faith for hope and a future. This is her life philosophy, and with God’s amazing grace, will continue to encourage those who need encouragement, to lift up those who have fallen, and to praise those who have painfully embarked upon the difficult journey to improve their lives.

One of her greatest joys is to help others succeed, a passion she incorporates into every project to produce a quality product that leaves her clients a little more enthusiastic and energized about their marketing efforts for their business.